Sick Bookies

Sick Bookies are a band from Lincoln, UK. They are Christopher Clarke, Mark Setterfield, Tom Smith and Les Overend.

They sometimes play scruffy indie rock songs/  They sometimes play improvised freaky instrumentals / They often play both.

T     H    I         S            I   S         T       H  E        N  E   W   S

Sick Bookies release ‘Tango Mango’ a live album… recorded on Saturday June 19th 2018 @ Doncopolitan Studio for Wonky Planet 5.0. Live sound by John Alexander recorded from the room onto a micro-recorder and tweaked thusly. Thanks to Craig Adams.
Art by Corporate Brand . Penny Wood. The album is available digitally and as strictly limited handmade CD-R’s from

You can read alllll bout it in this nifty lil comic strip

tango mango back.EDIT

Tango Mango – Further Tales


Raymond p weird single cover


Sick Bookies new album ‘Ad Nauseam’ is out now, released October 19th 2018, through Old Tin Box Recordings. Check out lead single “Raymond P. Weird” available as a free download  from you can see the vid for it, above.

FRONT1 002

Limited edition ‘Analogue Viral’ available on cassette for ‘Cassette Store Day 2017’ through Jagged Skyline Recordings


Strictly Limited edition, go here or here to order..

Reviewed by Ioan Humphries from the most righteous LouderThanWar…

“Louder than War’s Ioan Humphreys has a listen to some ram shackled lo-fi loveliness courtesy of Sick Bookies.  

Sick Bookies (great name!) are a four piece band from Lincolnshire. Consisting of Christopher Clarke, Les Overend, Mark Setterfield and Tom Smith. They are (according to their label) influenced by both their interchangeable record collections and almost schizophrenic ability to switch between 3 and a half minute lo-fi indie pop songs to transcendental instrumental improvisations. On multiple listens to the LP, I can’t disagree with that!

Analogue Viral is their second studio album proper and on first listens, obvious influences that come to mind are Pavement, Truman’s Water and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. But this is no way a bad thing. This mid 90s lo-fi movement managed to produce dozens of quality bands that continue to influence decades on and their presence in the 21st century is more than welcome. And Sick Bookies are one of these.

Sick Bookies show an envious ability to create big sounding bass riffs, ramshackle and infectious guitar riffs and stop start laconic vocals that on repeated listens display a playfulness that immediately ingratiates one with the band.

The music that the band produces is intricate and loose to the extent of falling apart. Yet they always pick it back up when needed and continue to show the endless possibilities they have with their art.

To date they have released two albums based on improvisations from the practice room; “Volume Won” [2015] and “Volume To” [2017] and two studio albums “Magnet Hopeless” [2015] and “Analogue Viral” [2016]. A third studio album is currently being recorded and with Sick Bookies so far been played by BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq, Gideon Coe and Stuart Maconie, who knows what awaits this band going into 2018.”


“Volume To” is out now.. compiled from single microphone recordings from several rehearsals over the last 2 years and weaved together using some sort of sonic-bullshit-glue, the result is pot noodle of krautrock, space rock, avant garde alternative rock. Listen with/ without delay.. BUY even quicker..

from “Volume To” – ‘Nyon Tiger’


‘Analogue Viral’ is out now on CD (with ace ltd edition comic book, drawn by Les)

or Back To Mono Record Shop, Guildhall Street, Lincoln

     Off The Beaten Tracks, Aswell Street, Louth

 or digital …

iTunesAmazon (uk)Amazon (World)

Artwork: Les Overend

…and here’s the first song from it..

‘Volume Won’ (2015)

A bag of freaky instrumentals, (the first in a series of many) from the brain in the rehearsal room to the fingerboard to the speakers.

 ‘Magnet Hopeless’ (2014)

The Debut LP. A 10 song collection of mangled and spiralling lo-fi indie and alternative rock.


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